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This is your software for projection mapping.

Projection mapping is the CG technology which can map the images on any surface like building, objects, or even space to create stunning visual effects using a regular projector.
Recently projection mapping become very popular and has been deployed for various events and many other applications.
This projection mapping needs highly skilled professionals and large scale of planning which require huge budget.
Our BRIGHT JAM is the new kind of software which can change your concept completely.

Up to today, projection mapping requires extensive use of 3D software.
But we have developed revolutionary simple and easy projection mapping by limiting the number of media surfaces.
Using your ordinary projector and our super easy mapping software, anybody can start your own projection mapping.
For the party, events, or just use it at home, projection mapping can be more familiar thanks to BRIGHT JAM.

All you need is one PC and one ordinary projector. Anybody can start projection mapping instantly.

Preparation is also simple! Just connect your projector and PC with BRIGHT JAM.
That is all now you can start. You don’t need to use special projector. Just prepare your regular projector which you always use.
Or you can choose the projector based on how bright is the area and shapes of the structures which you are going to project onto.

Play back for still image, video, audio at the same time.
Setup the position on timeline whatever you want.

BRIGHT JAM allow you to setup multiple timeline for multiple images including still image/video/audio and set the time for each timeline to be able to project at the same time.
It also allow multiple videos to playback at the same time.

Sample media materials and a box for projection mapping are included.

There are free samples of still images, video, audio, and also BRIGHT JAM has sample graphics for masking.
We also created some ready to use complete package for your projection mapping.
Even you don’t have any original materials, just use our sample package to start your projection mapping instantly.

Express more versatile show using loop and masking functions for play back.

Not only you can play back still image and video, but also you can mask the image and project to the surface. Masking function can divide video and project to multiple surfaces. You don’t need to prepare multiple video for projection.

  • Mask
  • Loop

Setup just takes a few minutes.
Mapping visually can be done simply and also easy.

Project Canvas does not require any complicated setup before actual presentation.
Mapping can be done using a mouse and draw surfaces for objects by adjusting points. Visual mapping is possible. Once projection mapping is done, you can save points and all other data for later use.

Mapping to a board or a dice which you already know the shape is very easy and quick. Even you don’t know what shape of objects like the wall and pillars at event place, it just takes a few minutes to setup projection mapping on the day of event.

Our product review was on the magazine “Video Salon” Aug. edition 2015

This review was mentioned on the section“test report”.
This is some user’s impression when the user actually tested our product.
When I actually play around with this product and made my own projection mapping, I was crying out loud in joy. It may be true this projection mapping is more fun making than watching it as an audience.
Projection mapping is the latest and most watched technology which can give you the power to produce exciting and stunning visual show. If you want to experience what is the latest video production technology, this is the best software to try.
Cited from magazine Video Salon

Published 07/20/2015

System requirements
OS Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 ※Mac OS is not supported.
CPU Intel Corei5 2.5GHz/4 Core and more
memory 8GB and more
※BRIGHT JAM uses OpenGL so latest graphics drivers are required.
※OpenGL version is 2.1 but depends on PC model, preview mode does not start. In this case, please refer to our FAQ on NIXUS technical support web site.
※Please make sure that an internet connection requires during activation.
Supported file format
Video MOV(H.264/768kbps/600×600)
Still image JPEG/PNG/BMP(1920×1080 and under)
Audio MP3/WAV


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