Microsoft Excel is the development tool for SDK.
High cost 3D real time graphics become very affordable and easy.

This revolutionary SDK celio is using Microsoft Excel VBA to give you the ability to create real time 2D/3D graphics system. Use Excel to gather all kind of information and also possible to render and output in real time. On-air graphics are also high quality. Dedicated design application allows you to freely create dynamic 3D and movies graphics.

Up to now real time graphics have been very expensive, but celio dramatically reduce the cost while maintaining high quality system. For broadcasting, Internet distribution, also for event production, celio is your perfect partner for any kind of scenes.

celio is what you always wanted as your own real time 2D/3D graphics system.

celio SDK package is born with a totally new idea which let you control powerful broadcast real time 3D graphics engine in the simplest way possible. With the spreadsheet "Microsoft Excel" VBA, rendering of graphics which reflects the data in Excel is now possible. Create any way you like your own original graphics system which is simple but high quality. You can gather various data and produce high quality graphics for all kind of projects like sports, election, weather and entertainment.

Simple Workflow

First, create a graphics layout in the design application and tag the objects such as characters and figures in the layout.
By calling the command of Excel VBA, information in Excel can be reflected in the tag and graphics can be rendered.

Rich celio Library Functions

The celio library is a graphics library called from Excel VBA and executing control commands to the rendering engine celio Online App.
It comes with many functions that enable Excel to edit the characters, images, attributes, materials, effects and play controls of the graphics layout.

Create operation screen freely

Excel sheet is your own operation screen for on-air, so you can customize button position, interface and other looks in the way you like.
Everything from input data to output to on-air can be done in Excel. Operator does not need to learn special software.


2D/3D, Movie, Animation, High Quality Graphics

design app
The graphics layout is created with a dedicated design application. You can quickly create high quality graphics with a design application that has been selected by many broadcasters in Japan.

Various graphics such as 2D / 3D, movies, animation can be created. Text, graphics, various objects, decoration such as edges and gradations can be set in fine and detailed mode. Various expressions can be created as the way you like.
Dynamic 3D graphics can also be set freely with a dedicated motion window.
If you set the motion of 3D space on the layout, the data will be reflected as it is and output can be done in real time.

design app

design app

Support All Kind of Output Devices

Rendering and output of graphics are performed by celio Online App which is originally developed by NIXUS. It is controlled from the celio library and render and output in real time.
celio Online App has a variety of options that can be output to various devices. You can choose according to your project, such as HD - SDI video board or HDMI output.

For NDI®

Integration with NewTek's all-in-one production and distribution system TriCaster using NDI® is finally achieved. celio is bringing graphics of Internet distribution to the new level.
Buy Now NDI® partner

For datavideo TC-200

Also supports datavideo's TC-200. HDMI signal is converted to HD-SDI FILL and KEY by TC-200. Internal composition with video image output is also possible. Compact configuration of only laptop and TC – 200 can give you all simple but powerful performance for every occasion such as events.

System Requirements
OS Windows 7/10
CPU Intel Core i5 2.0GHz or higher
Memory 8GB or higher
Graphic Card NVIDIA, Intel
HDD more than 5GB space
Excel Microsoft Office Excel 2010 or higher
The configuration varies depends on your output destination. For more detail, please send your inquiry to us.

Celio was used at the Asian Youth Para Games

At the “Asian Youth Para Games” hosted by Asia Paralympic Committee and Dubai Club for the People of Determination held in Dubai, UAE, Celio presented event names, start lists, athletes introduction, etc. for the TV broadcasting and live streaming, which made the viewers easy to grasp what is going on and made games more attractive and exciting.
Asia Youth Para Games




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