NIXUS Global Products showed again.
NIXUS participated in KOBA SHOW this year.

At KOBA 2016 which hold in Seoul Korea, we showed our NIXUS products at the booth #C201 of Solomon Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd.
We exhibited our highly popular products which had very good feedback from visitors at NAB show 2016. Our broadcast compact graphics system, plugin for nonlinear video editing software which give you the capability to create highest quality broadcast graphics easy and simple. Also projection mapping whitch can be done easily with our [Projection Mapping Software] showed.
Thank you for coming.

This year's photo

Products to be exhibited

Broadcast Graphics System "TELOP BOX"

TELOP BOX received very good feedback last year and this year more powerful TELOP BOX will be shown again. TELOP BOX is compact but packed with NIXUS’s most powerful broadcast graphics software. Professional graphics, scheduling, and play out functions are all in one compact system. You need just one system to produce all kind of scenes from event show to actual broadcasting.
This time we will show global edition which is directly integrated with datavideo TC-200. Our graphics note PC has revolutionary capability to output HD-SDI FILL/KEY.

Broadcast Graphics Software "Telop Canvas 4"

Telop Canvas 4 which was released last year will be shown. This is packed with famous design features same powerful system as NIXUS’s broadcast graphics. Our broadcast graphics system is having a large share among broadcasters in Japan.
You can use as plugin for EDIUS of Grass valley, Media Composer of Avid Technology, Adobe Premiere Pro CC of Adobe systems. Use this broadcast design software with powerful expression for your nonlinear video editing software.

Projection Mapping Software "Projeciton Canvas"

Thanks to Projection Canvas, costly projection mapping now become very affordable also simple and compact.
All you need is PC, projector, and Projection Canvas, now you are ready to do projection mapping.
Low cost yet so powerful, Projection Canvas gives you the capability to create whole new world of graphics expression.

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