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NIXUS will join NDI® booth at NAB 2018!

At NAB Show this year NDI® partners from all over the World get together to exhibit their systems integrated seamlessly to NewTek's Tricaster.
NIXUS will exhibit our newest and breakthrough CG system to change the live streaming world with outstanding functionality and highest quality.
Please come, join, and feel with your own eyes at NAB!


Exhibit Product

Driven by EXCEL, Real Time Broadcast 2D/3D Graphics SDK "celio"

Graphics designer’s dream come true now you can control powerful real time 3D engine in the simplest way possible.
The whole new graphics system "celio" SDK package is born. Driven by Excel VBA to give you the ability to create and render high quality real time 2D/3D graphics.
At NDI® central booth, we will demonstrate integration with TriCaster all-in-one broadcast system using NDI®.
celio with TriCaster together bring you the whole new level of graphics for Internet distribution.


Exhibit Overview



APRIL 9-12, 2018


Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall (Lower)
NDI® Central Pavilion #SL5516

NDI® Central Pavilion Official Web Page

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