Super low delay for live broadcasting Quick switching for multi-angle is available.
Future live streaming MiLive BOX is now available.

Our unique and advanced streaming technology which is originally developed by NIXUS enables super low delay and instant response of channel switching.
MiLive BOX live video streaming system is so advanced you have never seen before.
In sports games or live event venues, you can enjoy the live streaming on the smartphone or tablet at the same time while you are watching actual event MiLive BOX can show you the whole new possibility of live streaming.
It can support multi angle and sounds with low delay and quick response.
Simply just tap the screen of smartphone or tablet can quickly switch video and audio.
Our technology is so advanced, it can blow your mind when you see MiLive BOX. It is completely different video streaming.

With your fingertip, switching multi-angle happens instantly.
Multi-angle live streaming System.

Live streaming system MiLive BOX can support a live streaming with multi angle and sounds.
Traditionally Internet streaming should be viewed at home but MiLive BOX can change your idea completely.
At the event site, you can enjoy live streaming in real time.
This is completely different new and future style of Internet streaming.

MiLive BOX can provide smooth operation thanks to superfast channel switching and low time delay.
You will not feel any delay when you are watching actual live show and live streaming on your tablet or smart phone.
This is truly stress free experience.
You can easily view on iOS and Android smart phone or tablet since client application is free to use.

All you need is Wi-Fi access point to start live streaming.
MiLive BOX is low cost and high performance so you can start projects instantly.
※Depends on how large is your project, necessary equipment will be varied.

almost no delay

MiLive BOX can change your idea about live streaming completely.
We have successfully developed breakthrough technology which can make live streaming with almost no delay.

Up to today, Internet streaming usually has time delay over 10 seconds.
MiLive Box has our originally developed streaming technology to make this latency to 100ms so streaming is superfast. The latency is 1/200th smaller than usual one.
For example, you can watch live performance at actual show and also at the same time, you can enjoy live streaming on devices as a second viewing option.
NIXUS can create the whole new world for live streaming.

Live streaming for multi-angle and audio simultaneously.
Smooth change. Tap to switch instantly.

MiLive BOX is live streaming system which can support multi-angle stream enabling multiple cameras feeding and audio on one screen at the same time.
Also one camera for one screen is supported. By tapping the screen, you can switch camera feed one after another for viewing.
Best of all switching is superfast thanks to MiLive BOX.
Waiting for loading is almost zero time.
Just tap the screen, you can switch the video instantly.
You can enjoy live events a lot more -that is the power MiLive BOX can deliver for you.
Tap to switch instantly


Support smartphone and tablet for Android and iOS.

MiLive BOX client software supports iOS and Android smart phone and tablets.
Free client application can be downloaded from APP Store and Google Play.
※Please note that there are restrictions on compatible OS versions.

Simple and easy UI control software.

With distribution control software, you can check the list of video being distributed and the number of accesses to each video on the screen.
Knowing at a glance about audience ratings helps users analyze the information they want.
Simple and easy UI


You can create your favorite screen layout by layout software.

Customers can freely customize the screen layout and size of the viewing application. It also has a standard sample layout and can be distributed using those sample. Easily set the decoration of the screen, the thumbnail display position of the camera feeding, switch operation at tap on the screen. When tapping, it is also possible to open the specified URL in the browser. You can also specify the audio channel with the layout software.

Useful for various scenes.
Distribute according to your needs.

MiLive Box can be powerful presentation tool for theme parks, education, public facilities, as well as music and sports events. Furthermore, by using the Internet streaming, it will also be very useful when the scenes such as fire-fighting and disaster prevention that require real time video distribution in a wide area.
You can select the distribution method according to your needs and use it for various scenes.

Local area network distribution

Distribute video using Wi-Fi access point within delivery area.

Online Play Internet distribution

By assigning global IP address to MiLive BOX, video streaming on Internet is possible.

Cloud type Internet distribution

Upload the video from the MiLive BOX to the server on the cloud and distribute it from the cloud server. This is an ideal method if you want to extend the number of viewers and if you do not want MiLive BOX to receive an access via the Internet.



General Specifications
Input resolution 1080i (HD-SDI), 1920 × 1080 and under (HDMI)
Output resolution Max 1280 × 720
Power consumption 130 W and under
Size 535(W)×133(H)×455(D)
Viewing application compatible OS IOS: 7 or more
Android: 4.0 or more
System requirements
OS MacOS X El Capitan/Mavericks/Yosemite/Sierra
CPU IntelCore i7(3.0GHz Dual core)
Memory 8GB
Number of clientsfor one system 200units


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