Easy and simple broadcast quality graphics.
Must have this --New video creation tool.

Telop Canvas 4 is simple and fast graphics creation software for broadcast graphics. Use as a tool for postproduction and video editing.
There are many features to create stunning graphics including color, transparency, gradation, variety of decorations, 3D, and video. Anybody can create highest quality broadcast graphics.

Plugin as the following Nonlinear Video Editing Software.

You can choose the package depends on which nonlinear editing software you are using.
Telop Canvas 4 can be used as plugin for “EDIUS” from Grass Valley, “Media Composer” from Avid Technology, “Adobe Premiere Pro” from Adobe systems.


Just drop Telop Canvas 4 data on nonlinear editing software, when you modify data, change will be applied to data on nonlinear software automatically.

Effects and 3D motion data can be also read into nonlinear software.
Without conversion, all kind of enhanced graphics can be used on nonlinear software.


Telop Canvas 4 now can create 4K/8K graphics.

Telop Canvas 4 now can create 4K/8K graphics.
SD/HD graphics can be converted to 4K/8K smoothly.
Character and graphics quality made by Telop Canvas 4 will not be lowered.
This graphics software can handle 4K/8K of future generation needs.

Create all kind versatile objects.
Many Various Gradation and Decoration.

You can create all kind versatile objects such as Strings, still, square, rectangular, circle, octagon, star, polygon, straight line and graph.
Spline and Bézier curves for drawing tool can also possible to create.

Gradation can have 16 levels of color not just one color.Color is horizontal, transparency is vertical, so each color and transparency gradation is possible.
Gradation can be saved for later to use quickly.
Also you can create all together 12 multiple edge shadows.
There are many kind of shadows including soft edge, drop shadows, 3D shadow, board.
By combining all the shadows can enhance your objects to express more.

Rich templates.
Speedy Graphics Creation.

You can save your regularly used graphics as a template and just double click to read it instantly.
There are many free templates you can use so even beginner or novice designer can use a template to create nice graphics easily.
Also there is a function to output all the graphics in the same folder all together at same time.
Using templates and this function can speed up your daily job.


Create any way you imagine.
Palette objects.

Data of graphics objects like color, decoration, fonts are saved as palette and just double click it to use it again.
There is object palette where you can save objects.
Frequently used logo, arrow, marks can be saved to palette for read out.
Create your broadcast graphics fast and easy.

Graphics with Various Effects and 3D.

Not only still image but also 3D graphics with basic effects like wipe, push, fade and multiple layer, roll, 3D graphics can be created on easy GUI system.
3D graphics, 3D character, 3D objects, 3D rotation, zoom in/out, move curve can be possible just one click.
More features includes modification on each frame is possible so can create dynamic movement with your own imagination.
Texture animation by pasting animation to graphics is also possible. Movement of graphics can be previewed and created while watching.
Not only created animation graphics can be read into nonlinear software but also can be output as sequence TGA or video with alpha channel.


Support all kind of formats.

TGA, PCT, PSD, JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG formats are supported. Just simply drag and drop your graphics to read.
Many OUTPUT format includes TGA, PCT, PSD, JPG, BMP, TIFF, and PNG.

System requirements
OS Windows 7/8/10
CPU Intel Corei5 2.0GHz and more
Memory 4GB and more
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce 7 Series or better
We recommend you to use NVIDIA graphics cards.
Depends on Graphic cards, some of functions may not work.
HDD more than 5GB space.
EDIUS Pro7/8
Media Composer® 8
Adobe Premiere Pro CC CC/CC 2014/CC 2015


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